Katie's Success Story



Another new year and another New Years resolution. I don’t know why it took being a new year to finally get motivated to get back on track with my nutrition. But I’m sure glad I finally did.

All of 2017 I kept trying to convince myself to start eating better but it never stuck. I think working shift-work I just wanted easy food which usually meant going through the drive through on my way to work. I was working out but still ended up getting to my heaviest weight because of my crappy nutrition.

I decided to do Ideal Protein because it was very strict and I had to do very minimal meal prep and I felt like that is what I needed to get started! 3 months later and I am down 24lb and I am feeling soo much better! Old clothes are finally fitting!

I am so ready to start transitioning back into a balanced diet tracking macros and prepping more of my own foods so that I can start kicking butt in the gym again! 

Hers to continuing to crush 2018 and having an ever changing “after” picture! 💪🏻

Bruce Short