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It amazes me how many clients I have coached over the years who get to the point in their weight loss journey when they start to hear these words, “don’t you think you’ve lost enough weight, you are too skinny”! Or, the people I have helped lose the weight, and the significant other can’t handle it, so they break up with them. And, I am not kidding! I have had dieters QUIT the program before they finish reaching their goals because the person that is most important to them makes them stop. It upsets me so much because I know those clients want to have acceptance and accolades for doing something healthy and good for themselves, and instead they get shot down. 

So, here is my advice; stay true to yourself. Don’t let those people take you away from your healthy goals. It’s crazy the things people will say to someone losing weight. I am sure most of the comments are not meant maliciously, but boy do those words come out as negative, back handed compliments. 

I usually know when to anticipate with my clients that they are going to start hearing comments like, “don’t lose any more weight,” or “don’t get too skinny” (what the heck does that really mean?). And, it’s funny, because right about the time I tell them what they might hear; they divulge that they have started getting those comments. I then ask them who is saying these comments, the fit trim friends/co-workers or the not-so-thin ones?? You know the answer, right?? It’s not the fit ones.  

Keep in mind, I realize that the people around you may have never seen you at this new weight and it can shock them. I get that. But, when you hear those dreaded words, you must have good, and polite responses. I know you might want to retaliate with some angry words, but lets try to rise above. 

You hear: You are too skinny; you were prettier when you weighed more. 
You respond: Thank you for your concern, but I am fine. I have never felt this good in            
my life! And, I have blood work to prove it. Would you care to see it?

You hear:  How much more weight are you planning to lose?  You are too skinny. 
You respond: I am working closely with my doctor, and he will let me know when I have  
reached a healthy weight, but thanks for asking. 

You hear: Are you still on THAT diet?? You are too skinny. 
You respond: It is not a diet; I am choosing to eat healthy. I developed healthy eating habits for long term. This is a complete lifestyle change, not a short-term diet plan. I feel great! 

I hope this article helps you to deal with those people around you who can’t deal with the new YOU! 


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