10 Tips to Improve Your Health at Work

For this month's edition of the Ideal Connection newsletter, we've prepared a special article on corporate wellness!
  1.  Get up and move! Take a break, get some fresh air! Taking small breaks away from your desk can significantly improve your health and shape.
  2.  Replace candies, donuts and unhealthy snacks with healthier options such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and bars. If unhealthy snacks are out of sight, they will be out of mind! 
  3. Drink an adequate amount of water a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water during the day.
  4.  Ditch your extra coffee! Caffeine can induce a temporary high but can cause you to crash harder later. This can affect your energy and productivity.  Coffee can also make you feel dehydrated, for every coffee you should drink 1 additional glass of water to rehydrate yourself. 
  5.  Eat a healthy and balanced lunch! Bring a lunch from home and control your portions. If your coworkers are ordering out, suggest healthy options!
  6. Check your posture! Tension neck syndrome (TNS) can occur when the neck and upper shoulders are held in a fixed position for long periods of time. Stand up and walk around as often as you can to avoid staying in these awkward positions for long periods of time. If you use the phone a lot, make sure your neck isn't bent to the side for long periods of time. This can cause tension, muscle tightness and tenderness.
  7. Eyestrain is another problem that can be encountered in front of a computer. It can cause headaches, difficulty focusing and increased sensitivity to light. Your screen should be at arm's length away. If you are squinting, increase the font on your computer.
  8. Take a vacation. Time off can help you recharge, reduce stress and get your mind off of work. Stress can impair your immune system and increase your risk of illness.
  9. Keep your desk clean! Use disinfectant for your keyboard, mouse and desk as germs can accumulate and make you sick. Viruses can survive on hard surfaces for days and can be transferred from person to person, so be sure to clean your work area as often as possible.
  10. Limit after-work drinks! Happy hour is a great time to bond with coworkers but it also encourages you to have empty calories. Suggest a healthier option such as inviting your coworkers to your home where there is less temptation.

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