Recover from a Weekend of Eating

Weekend brunches, drinks with friends, and late night burger runs all make for a fun weekend, but can wreak havoc on your body and your diet. Here are a few tips to getting back on track.
1.  Forgive! 
Forgive yourself! Life happens and whether you ate or drank too much all weekend, you always have the ability to start over. Beating yourself won't help anything, so be kind to yourself. Just remember you can learn from this and move forward. 

2. Don't Weigh Yourself 
Your body is still retaining water from the extra salt, sugar, or alcohol and will not give you an accurate description of your body. Seeing the number go up will only agitate you and will ruin your progress in step #1.
3.  Hydrate 
Your body is retaining fluids from the extra sugar, salt, and alcohol and the best thing you can do is drink up. Drinking water will flush your system of toxins and excess fluid retention. Drink around 65-100 ounces of water throughout your day to really flush out your system. This may seem daunting but just filling up a BPA free water bottle a few time will do the trick. 

4. Magnesium 
Taking a magnesium tablet at the beginning of each of your meals will help reduce the  inflammation caused by increased junk in your system. 

5. Get Moving 
Light exercise, especially if you aren't feeling well from drinking and junk food, is exactly what you need to get your body back to feeling great. Yoga or Pilates is the perfect answer to flexing your muscles and working out all that fluid retention. 

6. Don't Starve Yourself 
The first reaction to a binge might be to not eat or eat very limited the next day. This behavior will only lead to another binge and  will leave your body weak. Eat healthy and clean as you normally would and you will recover in no time. 

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