Four Weeks To Vacation Ready: Our 4-Week to Vacation Ready Program

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Four Weeks To Vacation Ready!

Four Week Vacation Ready Package
Summer is just around the corner. Make sure you are vacation ready with our NEW 4-Week Vacation Ready Program. 

Lose upwards of 12 pounds in just four weeks.
No exercise or crazy detox required.

$150 Starter Fee
$ 95 a week after that (for three weeks)

Program Includes:

  • Four Week's Worth of Food
  • One Month Supply of Vitamins
  • Weekly Check-in's to track your progress

*Tuesday Evening Special: Schedule your weekly check-in, Tuesdays between 3PM - 7PM and receive a $20 discount on our program.
Save $20
Bring in this coupon before
May 12th and receive $20.00 off on your first week of the program.

*Program requires check-in's on a weekly basis for the duration of the four weeks.
Offer Expires: May 12th 2014