The Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing


Know Your Stuff When It Comes to Stuffing

Know Your Stuff When It Comes to StuffingWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, Americans will soon be enjoying stuffing made with everything from chestnuts and figs to currents and apricots. No matter the family recipe, make sure your stuffing is safe and cooked to a proper temperature by following these tips:
  • If you stuff poultry, do it just before roasting and stuff loosely.
  • If the temperature of the turkey and the center of the stuffing have not reached a safe minimum internal temperature of 165°F, further cooking will be required. Do not remove the stuffing from the turkey before it reaches 165°F because the undercooked stuffing could contaminate the cooked meat.
  • For uniform doneness, cook stuffing separately from the bird.
  • Do not stuff turkeys to be grilled, smoked, fried or cooked in the microwave.
  • Refrigerate leftover poultry and stuffing separately.
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