Fun Winter Workout Options

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Winter Workouts
The big, bulky clothes of winter often provide more than just warmth, they give us a place to hide the extra winter weight we're carrying. Once the weather turns cold, snow and ice can make jogging and bike riding difficult—and even unsafe! Don't let the cold months of winter be an excuse to cut back on your exercise routine. Consider these calorie-burning indoor activities: 
  • Walk your local mall. 
  • Take the stairs whenever possible instead of an elevator or escalator. 
  • Walk around your building's hallways during your lunch or coffee break. 
  • Don't wait for spring for a thorough house cleaning. Wash the inside of your windows, vacuum or shampoo the carpet or clean out your closets. 
  • Watch and follow an exercise video or DVD rather than a movie. 
Cold weather doesn't mean you have to say good-bye to all outdoor activity. There are many ways to enjoy the weather by taking your physical activity outdoors. Why should kids have all the fun in the winter? 
  • Build a snowman. 
  • Have a snowball fight. 
  • Go ice skating. 
  • Go sledding. 
  • Make snow angels.