Ideal Protein FAQ's

Here are a few questions that I often get as an Ideal Protein coach:

1. Why is Exercise not recommended during the Diet?
- If your blood sugar gets too low, the proteins we supply and the muscle you have can undergo gluconeogenesis and glucose can be produced.  If you increase the glucose demand (i.e. exercise vigorously during the first phase) you will increase gluconeogensis markedly.  This CAN result in muscle loss, something we want to avoid!  If you MUST exercise, do it lightly (i.e. walk, bike, yoga).  Here's the beauty of the program: You are literally "peeing out calories" without having to exercise.  You will lose the same amount of weight, but will not risk losing muscle. This is not about calories in - calories out, its about hormones and metabolism.  They were fighting a hormone (insulin) before and you cant exercise your way out of that, the hormone always wins.  After the first 3 weeks, you may exercise lightly, but please keep in mind:
  - Do not get overly tired
  - Supplements are a MUST (serious cardiac problems can result)
  - Keep well hydrated, you must increase your water if you plan to exercise

2. Why is diet soda discouraged during the Ideal Protein Diet?
- All diet drinks (i.e. sugar-free, carb-free) are NOT recommended on the diet.  The problem that can arise is imbalances in acid/base regulation.  The protocol is very alkaline and this is why we do not see complications common to other "protein type diets."  Some diet drinks (crystal light for example) are mixed with water and these are acceptable.  Many others (flavored Aqua-fina, Dasani, etc.) contain a lot of phosphoric acid.  This is a very strong acid and will play havoc with the body's bicarbonate buffering system.  This goes for diet soda's too, particularly the brown ones.  Flavored seltzers are usually OK, just read the label and make sure it is carb-free and contains no phosphoric acid.  This protocol provides so many health benefits besides weight loss, it would be a shame to compromise some of the benefits by consuming these products.  Also- remember, an extra cup of water for every coffee you drink!

3. If a dieter is hungry can they have an extra IP envelope?
- Yes, in the FIRST week only! A dieter may have up to 5 a day (but only 1 restricted).

Hope this helps! Have a great day :)